Accounting consultancy


We are Market Leader in Accounting Consultancy

We provide bookkeeping services to facilitate the back office finance function and support the Chief Finance Officer in managing the financial position of the company. Our bookkeeping team executes deliverables including processing purchase and sales, receipts, payments, creating and maintaining the fixed asset register, bank reconciliations, employee reimbursements, payroll, and maintenance of the general ledger. Further, we also provide to head their finance functions.


What We do?

Finance Department Outsourcing

Chief Finance Officer (CFOs) services to SMEs who can‟t afford full time Chartered Accountants

General ledger & financial statement preparation and bookkeeping

Accounting system setup for new / existing businesses

Design Finance Authority Matrix / Level of Authority (LOA) matrix

Financial and Managerial reports

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Support Services

Payroll Outsourcing